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Official Discord Group (Primary Communication)
Official Discord Group

Discord ( is now the primary means of communication for the members of Sinisterly. Discord is a solution for IM and voice chat. I've set up a group, since a number of people already use it.

Download ] 

You should download the application:

Joining ] 

Click the Discord link in the header of the forum or below:
  • You must have a Discord account with a verified email.

  • You must wait in the channel 5 minutes before you may use it.
Groups ] 

If you are in any special usergroups (i.e. upgraded, Legends, Otaku) you must notify a staff member, so they can add you to the respective Discord roles/channels. #vip is for upgraded/Legends members. User-owned groups also have their own channels.

Warning ] 

The #nsfw channel is for adult content. Do not visit this channel if you are a minor. Obviously don't visit this channel at work. The #random channel is for any discussion/spam.

What happens in the Discord chat, stays in the Discord chat.
If you have any questions or concerns, message me or post below.

Note: Skype is the secondary means of communication. We still use it and the group is still official.

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