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Read this FIRST
Before joining us make sure that you have read the rules.
To join us you must be not younger than 13 years and not whinning or being childish. Well just use common sense.
To submit and apply simply copy the form below, fill it out and make thread in this section, fill in thread subject if it's for [MEMBER] or [ADMIN] in title so we can easy check it out.


Name :
Why do you want to join "Orange Heart" ? :
Your experience (Optional):

Before posting make sure!

- That apply makes is filled out correctly.
- Answers are fluent
- You are not currently member of other gaming community.
- You are not asking for specific rank, you are asking for being part of family, that means you start as a member. Don't worry your rank will advance by being active.
- You are sure that you will be active and you really want to join, not time wasting apply.

Applies filled without obeying these rules will be denied instantly!

Good luck!

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