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Welcome to Orange Heart
Hello everyone,

Welcome to Orange Heart, we are a gaming community and totally free to join.
Feel free to search our website with information such as about us, servers, rules, forums and members.

If you want to become an admin, moderator or just a helper, then feel free to apply on the forums aswell, we have a section for it.

In the future we will add more games to our community, but first of all we have 6 call of duty 4 1.9 (modern warfare 1) servers and we are looking for Admins who like to take lead of these servers, we have a Minecraft server that is coming back and a Teamspeak 3 server, in the future we will add a multiplayer game called Arma 3 with 2 servers:
1. Zombie server
2. Campain server

If you like tactical games then let us known, cause we will host a few new games soon on our root server in Germany and otherwise our root server in Holland we can host a few games aswell.

We want to thank you for visiting our website.

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