Joining Orange Heart Application

It is very important you read the process of joining Orange Heart

1.before you will join us, you must first have an account that works, Talk to one of our members they will give you a referral. In some cases you may have learned of us from search engines or other web sites sources, so you could try posting in our Forum for guests and see if someone will assist you. 99% of the time someone is willing to help you get admitted.

2. Read The Rules, This step is important because you need to know the rules and foundation of how Orange Heart operates.

• You will not cheat
• You will not join another clan(s)
• You will wear [OH] everywhere you go, in gta 5 you will wear the tag [OHNL]
• You will be respectful

3. You need to register on the forum, go ahead and register now . You have approximately 02 days from registration to get the approval.

The formal registration form is a 3 phase process.

Phase 1: You register by agreeing to terms, filling in the required information
Phase 2: You must check your email immediately for the confirmation. YOU MUST click the confirmation link so it will validate your account. Only after doing this step will your registration application become visible to the forums for approval. If you don’t confirm the email, your account will not be listed in our approval queue and you will be auto-deleted after 10 days. (NOTE: CHECK SPAM/JUNK BOX)
Phase 3: You must activate your account. Only then will you get the final acceptance email and have complete access to the forums.

If you do not follow these steps, or have trouble later, refer back to this page in order to find out what you missed. Missing a step may cause you to be in a void where you cant really do anything with your account accept look. The process mostly only takes a few minutes. The waiting for approval can vary, then after approved there is only a couple more minutes to completion.

Why should you join Orange Heart?
1. We play most of the games you can find on PC, Playstation and Xbox together.
2. We are all mature team players 16+ with friendly personality’s
3. You get a reserve slot + some permissions to use in the clan.
4. You get access to our private forums: Tactics – Boot Camp – Tips + Tricks Ext
5. Plus you will get access to private area’s on the website.

If you interested in joining the team you can sign up on our website and apply or just join us on Discord and ask any team member for more information .

Now you can join us via the forums and make your application!
The section where you can do that is called “Want to join?”.

Thanks for reading and understanding our requirements.

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